Natto NKCP


Natto NKCP®  is an extract of Natto Bacilli Culture is a food supplement produced from natto fermented soybeans. Natto is consumed widely in Japan and for many centuries has been regarded as beneficial to health, particularly the heart and vascular system. Natto NKCP is odourless, suitable for vegetarians and contains no Vitamin K or genetically modified ingredients.

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What is Natto NKCP?

One of the features of natto is that it leaves the original nutritional elements of the soybean, which is the raw material, virtually unchanged, but also contains the original nutritional elements produced by the action of Bacillus subtilis natto. Among the various constituents of natto, it is the functional protein that is now becoming the special focus of attention. This functional protein is concentrated in the dried powder obtained from the filtrate of Natto Bacilli Culture and in this from the distinctive odor of natto is virtually eliminated.

Package available:
Each 300 mg tablet contains 125 mg of extract of Natto Bacilli Culture. 60 tablets in a box. One carton contains 120 boxes.

Proprietary extract of Natto Bacilli Culture , Microcrystalline Cellulose ( bulking agent ), Resistaqnt Dextrin ( bulking agent ), Sucrose Esters of Fatty Acids ( emulsifier ), Silicone Dioxide ( anticaking agent ), Shellac ( coating ).


The functional ingredient in the food natto and the NKCP natto extract responsible for blood thining is a protein (sometimes called Nattokinase) produced by natto bacillus (B. subtilis natto). This is one of a number of proteins with differing molecular weights contained in natto. Its activity is confirmed through its ability to hydrolyze synthetic substrates for plasmin and fibrin.

Natto NKCP has a thrombolytic effect in vitro and in vivo by ingestion and the effect is milder compared to the plasminogen activator (t-PA). NKCP has been confirmed to decompose and inactivate plasminogen activator inhibitor (PAI-1) in cell culture systems and it also reduces blood viscosity. Ingestion of NKCP reduces the plasminogen activator inhibitor (PAI-1) and helps the plasminogen activator (t-PA) to work efficiently. t-PA activates plasmin and reduces blood fibrin. Thus, NKCP facilitates the activation of fibrinolysis cascade reactions by reducing PAI-1 and helps maintain the balance between coagulation and fibrinolysis. Consequently, NKCP ingestion is unlikely to dissolve fibrin excessively.


Q:Is it possible to create a physical condition within the human body that keeps perfect blood viscosity solely  by consuming a lot of Natto food?
A: It has been found that the functional protein in the sticky part of Natto has the ability to maintain the circulatory system in a healthy condition. However, this is dependent to some degree on the type of Natto or even the particular manufacturing lot. In contrast to this, the Extract of Natto Bacilli Culture is obtained from the sticky part of Natto, from which the distinctive odor, viscosity, and Vitamin K2 have been largely removed, and contains a fixed quantity of the functional protein. It can be easily and conveniently consumed regardless of whether you like the taste of Natto or not.

Q:I have some anxiety about the high levels of Vitamin K2 in Natto.
A: Bacillus subtilis natto in Natto produces a large amount of Vitamin K2 inside the human intestinal tract. As a result, people who take medicines such as warfarin need to avoid taking Natto as it can intensify the effects of such drugs. However, since Bacillus subtilis natto and Vitamin K2 have been largely removed from the Extract Vitamin K2 can take the Extract with confidence.

Q: How is the Exctract of Natto Bacilli Culture digested and absorbed?
A: The functional protein contained in Bacillus subtilis natto is broken down into peptides and amino acids in the stomach and duodenum in the same way as normal proteins, and enters the bloodstream after being absorbed through the villi of the small intestine. However, absorption is more efficient if the Extract is taken in conjuction with other food rather than taking it on the empty stomach, since the activity of the Extract is reduced at pH below 5.

Q: Is NattoNKCP different from other nattokinase products?
A: Yes, NattoNKCP is different from others. NattoNKCP is Bacillopeptidase F, whereas others nattokinase products are of Sultilisin protease. The advantage of Bacillopeptidase F is its much stronger anti-coagulant effect than that of Sultilisin protease.


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